Viridor has been granted planning consent by Cardiff Council (9th June) for an Energy from Waste (EfW) Combined Heat and Power facility on Trident Park in Cardiff Bay.

Viridor’s proposal is for a combined heat and power plant that would safely treat residual waste and provide a source of electricity and heat to the city – generating 30 megawatts of electrical power, enough for over 50,000 households in Cardiff and providing a potential heat source to numerous local businesses and other organisations.

Viridor hopes its facility will serve local businesses as well as the local authorities that make up the Prosiect Gwyrdd partnership (Cardiff, the Vale of Glamorgan, Monmouth, Newport and Caerphilly), a partnership that Cardiff Council signed up to in the summer of last year (2009).

Commenting on the news that its plans had been approved by the city’s planning committee, Dan Cooke, External Affairs Manager, Viridor says: “We are very pleased that Cardiff Council’s planning committee has granted planning permission for our Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power facility and we are positive about the benefits this scheme offers the area.

“We listened long and hard to the views of local residents, local councillors and politicians and considered a range of views and issues raised in detail in relation to our proposals. This dialogue has been extremely useful and our intended community liaison group will allow us to continue our close contact as the project progresses.


“We are determined to ensure that local benefits are maximised in terms of jobs and related economic benefits. The project should provide an essential service. It is designed to help meet challenging waste management targets and to help businesses and local authorities achieve greater resource efficiency in the Cardiff area.”

Viridor has received over twenty expressions of interest from businesses keen to benefit from its Energy from Waste facility.

One such company eager to take advantage of the energy that would be available is Igloo Regeneration, the developers looking to transform Roath Basin in Cardiff. Mark Hallett, Development Director says: “Igloo Regeneration is a socially responsible investor and we are keen to work in partnership with Viridor to make full use of the sustainable energy supply this facility would generate. To be able to tap into a renewable energy source right on our doorstep would be a big benefit to our site and be of huge interest to companies looking to locate there. We already plan to make our scheme achieve the BREEAM Excellent standard. The Viridor facility would help us be one of the few projects in the UK which achieves BREEAM Outstanding.”

Business fears have also been somewhat allayed following planning consent for Viridor’s proposals as David Rosser, Regional Director of CBI Wales explains: “I have spoken with many of my members who are very anxious to ensure that the service they currently have in place to dispose of their waste doesn’t diminish and even more importantly that costs don’t go up; something I feared was inevitable if a new waste solution was not sited in Cardiff. Basic business sense tells you that the further you transport your waste to be processed, the more expensive it will be.”