Chittening near Avonmouth 

Unlike much of Europe, the UK has traditionally relied heavily on landfill to manage waste. This is rapidly changing due to European, national and local policies on waste management aimed at reducing the amount of waste generated, increasing recycling and composting, recovering value and energy from waste and reducing reliance on landfill.

This includes increasing landfill tax every year by £8 per tonne, until it reaches £72 by 2013.

Viridor's plans have been developed to recycle and treat up to 500,000 tonnes of household and business recyclables and residual waste produced by the immediate local authorities within the West of England each year.

It is intended that the proposed Severn Road Resource Recovery Centre would process materials to produce quality recyclates for markets in the UK and abroad.

Avonmouth Development Site

The plans include a Materials Recovery Centre, which will separate recyclable materials from other waste, and an Energy from Waste (EfW) plant to treat residual waste which is left over after recyclable materials have been removed. The EfW would recover energy in the form of electricity and heat, and export 30 megawatts of electricity to the National Grid

Residues such as bottom ash will also be processed and recycled to create useable materials for the construction industry.

We anticipate the new facility would create approximately 70 new jobs in the local area.

Bristol City Council recently turned down Viridor’s planning application for the Severn Road Resource Recovery Centre. The company is now considering whether to appeal the decision.

We continue to welcome feedback and invite you to submit your views and comments on our proposals by visiting http://www.viridor.co.uk/contact.html